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These individual foil wrap removers are the easiest way to remove any gel polishes. Simply tear open the top of a wrap, place the nail inside and close the wrap around it for 6/8 minutes. 

After removing the wrap, remove any excess with a cuticle pusher and buffer. You may wish to finish by applying a nail oil or cream to re-hydrate the nail bed.

100 gel polish remover wraps in each box


  • Lint Free Acetone Wraps for Removal of UV Gel
  • Ingredients: 75% acetone
  • Removes Gel Polish in 6/8 Minutes while minimizing acetone contact with the skin
3 Reviews
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Very easy to use!

The gel removal packs is very easy to use and it also smells great!! It removes gel polish easily! Highly recommend it!


How Did I Live Without These?!

I've been doing gels since they hit the market, and these are seriously the best product EVER for removal. They do work without filing first, but they work much faster if you scuff the shine off first; you don't have to do a bang up job, just a quick scuff will do. They actually smell pleasant, which made me wonder how they could work well initially. No worries there, they work so much better (and faster) than acetone and foil, soaking, little rubber things, clips, etc...and my fingertips are no longer drenched in stinky acetone. They are less drying and the whole process just feels so much less caustic. Polish removes very easily. I'm just amazed at how great they are and highly recommend them!!


Little Pad, BIG Performance

I previously used acetone and a heat source but these by far are the best for me. Cut my removal time from 15 mins. to 6-8 mins. Doesn't leave my nails dried out and brittle. Completely removes product so no buffing needed afterwards. Their smell is peculiar but not unpleasant or overpowering. These are now my staple removal wraps.

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