Haven’t you heard? Non-toxic vegan manicure is the new signature look in terms of glam. This just in: 2018 is the year of glowing and healthy nails. While you’ve been busy following the beauty-care trends, Madam Glam was busy with creating high-end products based on constant research - 11 shades of new regular gelare officially in store, and you are gonna want to try them all; lucky for you, these innovative gels are 9-free, vegan and cruelty-free!



Here are just 4 of the 11 shades of new regular gel that are likely to make you shine bright!


November stone 

It’s official! We do have a weakness for November as this is the key month when Madam Glam turned from a 5-free nail polish formula to a 9-free healthy one. “November stone” is the revolutionary shade that marks a new era for Madam Glam in terms of healthy and glamorous manicure; a stepping stone towards modern times where the care for our customers comes first! 


Be the One

Not only another regular gel shade, but a real testimony that “beauty” and “healthy” go together pretty well. “Be the one” to choose them both.  A shade that is suitable mostly for ladies who are highly open to new experiences and adore to be considered trend- setters.



Magnetism on your fingertips? YES, “Darling”. Classy nails and attitude is the combo your look needs when you want to attract all looks around; pay attention, this sophisticated gel colour might turn to be your new nail obsession!


Ready Red

Christmas is almost here, knocking our doors, and it is mandatory to get “Ready Red” for it. A new festive shade that reflects our desire of celebrating the most beautiful time of the year with the ones that we love most; with or without wintery nail art designs, the choice is yours/ red colour never disappoints.  Can it not be Christmas all year round?



If you are still undecided which shade matches best with your tastes and personality, no worries at all! Keep the curiosity mode ON and lighten up your search for the perfect shade even further with our entire new collection of vegan and cruelty free gels.  “An Affair to Remember”, “Velvet Queen”, “Midnight Forest”, “Majestic Purple”,“Pumpkin Pie”,“French Valley” and “Coffee Time!” are the gel colours out there, waiting to be discovered by you!